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Pair of Cheetah

The Season of Change

If spending a long time surrounded by nature at her purest, one tends to tune into the subtle changes of the bush, her inhabitants and the climate. The shady acacia trees are already showing promising signs of new growth with tiny feathery green leaves adding a splash of pleasant colour other than the golden burnt […]


It’s a Bush Life – rhythm and blues

My chosen title is a somewhat appropriate and will explain a little of my disappearance from my more frequent bush updates of the past and office life in Arusha! Before I turn to the rhythm and blues of the bush I feel after such a great season and my silence, some time is needed and […]

Responsible Tourism Tanzania

Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks – B2B back to school

We are well and truly through what is commonly known as the rainy or low season! B2B team members however have been pretty active over the months still managing to have some RnR with time spent on Zanzibar and Pangani, Serengeti and for the B2B drivers, sales and logistical members of the B2B team time […]


Before its old news…annual wildebeest update

Great sightings and current information is what our travel advice blog is about. One of our incoming clients who is getting married today “ hongera (congratulations) goes out to Karthik and Aparna who will be arriving in country in a little under 2 weeks. Mentioned in his last mail to me; “ Chris can you […]

Kili sunset

It’s all about Sir Isaac Newton’s law – “What goes up must come down.”

Apologies are in order to our followers for the sudden stop in the saga of 81-year-old Jerry Martindale’s successful summit of Kilimanjaro. We last left Jerry’s story on a happy note, with the knowledge that he was in good shape still after his summit along with the 2 extra nights he spent at Millennium and […]

Summit shot sunrise

Focus until you see crystal

No rich black coffee at my side and no office working space wrapped around me when my phone started vibrating angrily against my leg whilst standing in a supermarket yesterday 20th June at around 17.30. First I saw a missed call and the icon for a message delivered. Checked the missed call to see Paul […]