Twin Peak Questions – Answered

From an overcast Arusha, this is just a short update as to the success and response from the “Twin Peak  Shout out” of yesterday – it does seem that our Twin Peak update of a few weeks ago went to cyberspace and missed its targeted audience.  However from the B2B Twin Peaks team we happy to see that there are intrepid adventurers keen on learning more about the coming Meru and Kili climb combo late February early March 2010.

To make life easier! as it seems from the return mail that you the ‘readers’ are missing the PDF’s that contain all relavent information including; sign up forms, day to day itineraries, with price guide and the very important sponsorship forms.

If you click on this link it will whizz you through with the speed of sound ( not if you live in TZ due to snail pace Internet providers ) directly to the landing page, from here you can learn everything there is to know about ‘Twin Peaks’ and drop us a line with you feedback and hopefully completed sign up forms.

Feel free to ask any questions however great or small if unsure as to the breakdown of things, remember there are no silly questions, just silly answers which is my department 🙂

Hope to see some familiar faces both old and new next year and look forward to sharing this experience of a lifetime with those who step forward and try…come on don’t be a couch potato, do something different to make 2010 a year to remember..

Success for those who step forth and try

Success for those who step forth and try

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