Twin Peak Shout Out !!

Twin Peak Challenge

Hi to one and all, after our initial mail shout for the coming – ‘Twin Peak Challenge – February 2010’ – Climb for Water campaign we are wondering actually who received this mail as the response was somewhat low. We had been getting positive feed back and interest with varying request for dates and how to come and board for this fund-raising climb. We have now set down the final dates to coincide with a full moon summit of Kilimanjaro on 01st of March 2010 and everybody goes quiet?? to leave us in wonder.

To make the climb a success we need as many people on board as early as possible in regards to fund raising,  we are aware that Xmas is looming up quickly and this maybe casting a shadow over next years event which is really just  around the corner. Once again we urge those who are considering to stand on the highest free standing mountain in the world with us for Twin Peaks and the Maasai of Eselalei to join drop in a short mail as to YES or NO so we can understand that we are reaching you all and can plan and advise accordingly.

Start 2010 off with something different – test your mind body and soul and join the B2B Twin Peak Challenge team in an event that will stay with you for many years to come.


Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru - The Challenge awaits

Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru - The Challenge awaits

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