The Challenge for some the next step begins!!

Time and the passing of time… days, and now over a week have passed since the Twin Peaks Challenge team bravely stepped forth to undertake the allusive slopes of Kilimanjaro. After the Meru success with all hitting the summit on a clear 22nd of February, the team headed back down the long slopes to “heavenly” received awaiting B2B vehicle and a smiling ‘Gody’.

The long way down...

The long way down...

I will only touch on the down pour and thunder storm that cranked overhead to reminded us all that the nature of mountains is unpredictable and wet weather gear should be carried at all times!! drenched to the bone in less the 3 minutes, tracks turned to gushing torrents of chocolate latte and my gortex boots doing a fantastic job of keeping rain water “IN” as opposed to “OUT” unclad legs make for perfect funnels to guide rain water directly down the neck of any walking boot.  As we all changed our sodden clothing later at Mariakamba Hut, a thought came back to me that a climb is seriously not over until the fat lady sings, and at that stage of the trek with still 2hrs between us and the hut she had not even began to warm her vocal chords up. The thermos flask glowed to attention on a prepared table for the drowned rats team, namely us!! A good, slightly chilly reminder for one and all,  never underestimate the power and ruthlessness of nature unleashed.

Three seasons in one day

Three seasons in one day

A full day of rest back out at Maji Moto for some well earned RnR – Stuart once again managed to flash his legs to some blood starved wings with teeth leaving him with a series of mozzie bites in perfect ring just above the soak mark.   At this stage myself and Ingrid had been pulled by an invisible magnet back to office life where glaring  computer screens waited our immediate attention!! don’t you just hate that?? 🙁

Paul Silwamba head kili guide for B2B now fell into his step as he prepared the Twin Peaks team mentally for the next 7 days that was to begin at the crack of dawn the following day.  Over breakfast daunting views  of Kili standing larger than life stirred butterflies deep down in Clare as she took in the magnitude of the mountain glaring down on her from nearly 6000metres above.

The magnitude of it all.

The magnitude of it all.

The next updates are immanent, so watch this space,  coming in as  personal accounts as to what happened as the Twin Peaks Challenge team of 2010 began the journey up the dramatic and scenic route of Machame over 7 Days.

Without being a Party pooper and for the sake of loved ones and worried Mums – Everybody made it!! yippee!!!!

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