Great Migration update

The Great Wilderbeest Migration

Since my last shout-out there have been some new developments not only in the parks but here in Arusha and the surrounding lands. The heavens have been rumbling now for the last 4 days with some pretty extensive down pours that have actually continued throughout the night slowing to a pita pata at around 09.30 the following day. Great news for the rain water catchment tanks at Esilalei – a Bush2Beach /African Roots foundation imitative that has been supported by clients who have travelled before and for those who will continue to come, for more light reading click

Now with the rains comes new life!! And a lot of rubbish washed into the storm water drains of Arusha town – unfortunately education on environmental issues is still lacking and with the growth of Arusha town into city status problems like these are inevitable and reoccurring!

Thankfully the bush remains pristine and her lushness intensifying with each timely downpour. The pattern is falling into place of the typical long rains that I remember of 8 years ago – 10-30 to 11.00am clearing to bluish skies and sunshine 14.00 cloud beginning to build and 15.30 the afternoon showers and rumbling heavens, 17.00 sunshine again and so on, we will see what happens over the next week to see is it really the rains?? or just another low front hanging around.

Karatu area bordering the Ngorongoro Conservation and highlands also had big rains on Tuesday, transferring the orange red soils of Karatu into a liquid porridge that even the best 4 x 4 by far simply cannot go forward or backward on, James our camp manager and supply driver falling prey to this where upon he slept the night and finally got out the following day at 14.00 once the porridge had solidified.

Life in Tanzania! however well you plan it you just never know what is around the corner, probably what has kept me here for so long as after 11 years I still love the adventure.

Now for those who are reading up on their coming safaris to Tanzania then my latest Wildebeest Migration update straight from the mouth of John Longino or Mr John as he is commonly known amongst the Bush2Beach team with his latest update may have you twitching in your seats reaching for your calendar and cancelling out the days of the month before the clock strikes midnight.

Mr John - Bush2Beach driver/guide

Now Mr John we like to keep very busy and he too likes the fact that during the high and peak season he is sometimes back to back with safaris and seldom at home (not the reason he likes to be busy). Mr  John’s last safari began in Mwanza where he collected his clients and progressively skirted up the shores of Lake Victoria before entering Serengeti through the Western Corridor. Whilst standing in the office somewhat shattered he reeled off the safari as it had happened for his clients, with not only Wildebeest migration updates but a fair few feline births and beginnings.

Ndabaka gate area and onward in to Serengeti was where Mr John first came into by all accounts would have been his smallest concentration numbering around 1000 Wildebeest standing around gentle mooing and ambling along with no urgency in their steep.

It seems that the large groups have split and are now! Well as of the 16/03/11 were located accordingly; Lobo area northern Serengeti by far the biggest concentration of 4000+ then dropping back down into Seronera where there was still a good size group of approximately 2000+ with many calves also the same numbers were reported in Ndutu and Moro Kopjes once again with either heavily pregnant females or newly born staggering to their feet within a few minutes of connecting with the Serengeti plains in their first fight for survival.

Now I mentioned the feline encounters!! Johns clients certainly had a great safari all in all, with x 2 separate leopard sightings; one with x 2 cubs at Korongo Migardi and the other with a single cub in the Seronera area. Leopard where not the only cats that revealed themselves with one big pride of 15 with cubs at Barafu kopjes, varying other sightings of 5 and 6 and 2 and 3’s with another nice pride size over at Ndutu with 6 lionesses – 1 male and 3 very young cubs all feasting on a wildebeest kill.

As already mentioned the parks are lush green and as our drivers return from the bush we will keep you updated with the Wildebeest movements and other current calendar events and happenings.

Until then happy safari planning

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