The wildebeest Migration heads Northward

Great Migration in full numbers

Straight out of the depths of the Serengeti plains from Bush2Beach driver guide Simon Kimaro: “There is no grass just black dots!!” .

He reports that the annual Wildebeest Migration has now left the Ndutu area, travelling up through Moro Kopjes heading in the direction of Western Corridor. The report mentions several groups of over 5000 strong, relishing on new grasses after the National Parks have done a recent burn-off after which, as fortune would have it the heavens opened up early this morning at 04.00.

This in turn has brought new life and a mini carpet of green to a temporary charred landscape. Shows how quickly the balance of nature can change as one of my last bush updates, was of long grasses with the migration well and truly in Ndutu and Lake Masek area.

Time and seasonal weather patterns will be the telling point as to how fast and where the moving masses of wildebeest and Zebra will head next. For sure though, safari goers coming in June and July are in for a treat as with past season the migration tends to reach the point of the western corridor and the Grumeti River and stop.

Daily thousands upon thousands begin to mass waiting for the green light where they take life back into the hands of the Gods with a mighty leap, back into the murky chocolate colour waters of the Grumeti, one can only think working on the assumption that their grazing partner will fall prey to the powerful jaws of the 4 metre Nile crocodile that have waited patiently for that moment when feeding time becomes a frenzy of gnashing teeth and boiling waters.

Otherwise Simons clients have relayed back to him that everything has been perfect and one of their best safaris ever. Lolo and Xavi started with a Ngorongoro Crater safari leaving via the back door which opens into the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands Trek – they trekked for 4 days before reaching the ancient volcanic landscape of the Lake Natron Basin, moving all equipment by Maasai donkey trail with overnights spent in light weight mountain tents that we usually use on Kilimanjaro.

Jackson, one of the B2B camp crew accompanied them throughout their walk and wildlife safari and for those of you who have met the smiling Jackson during one of our semi-lux mobile camp safaris may not have realised that he is fluent in Spanish and teachers budding guides how to “Habla” so when we realised that Lola’s English was limited I decided to have him accompany Lola and Xavi throughout to reveal a few more of Tanzania best kept secrets, the art to safari being flexibility.

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