Dancing with the Maasai


One of the high-points of many a visit to the North of Tanzania is that of experiencing cultures far removed from our own. When staying at, or simply visiting, our Maasai Community Camp at Esilalei, you can be introduced to the use of plants and root-extracts as medicine, experience a Maasai goat BBQ and visit a traditional Maasai dwelling (or Boma).

These are real, grass-roots experiences where you are free to mix with and join the Maasai in their daily activities as opposed to simply stopping over for a quick picture. It is us, who are the guests, looking into the kitchen of their remarkable culture.

Join us in watching Sandra and Toine join in a traditional Maasai song & Dance…

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  1. Sriniwas Jul 8, 2014

    Thanks Chris for the latest update.


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