For those who wait the rewards are endless – ‘low season’ A special time in the bush


This season has brought unforeseen events mainly due to unpredictable weather conditions from late last year. Rewinding ever so slightly to November 2011 – there were heavy rains drenching the Rift Valley and surrounding lands for days on end, this brought on a partial road/bridge collapse which was dealt with very rapidly by the authorities due to it being the main vein to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti.

Only 2 weeks later – a B2B driver called the office to inform he was stuck on the Mto wa Mbu side of Lake Manyara N.P – Heavy rains fell overnight causing a massive mud/rock slide sending all manner of debris into the river which in turn brought down giant strangling fig trees as if they were toy pine trees. The liquid chocolate river once jamming the bridge with all manner of flood waste managed to make it 1km down the road affecting fortunately only a few houses on the outskirts of this vibrant town, leaving a massive cleanup campaign that is still ongoing by the authorities to date.


Only a short time passed us by and far from the Northern parks when Dar es Salaam also did not escape these adverse weather patterns with heavy flooding through parts of city and heavily populated areas on the 21st of December – thousands of people were homeless and many people were rescued by boats and even airlifted where the flood waters were too extreme.

In regards to the above and the continuation to what most have called the first early rains for a long time; have been falling steadily since mid February. One can only expect some changes to the normal wildlife movements and not forgetting the annual wildebeest migration which would appear to be seriously confused. As of 4 x days ago the annual migration was spread out in a massive concentration from Naabi Gate to what is known locally as ‘Gollini’ through to the plains of Ndutu where in mid February the migration decided to leave from!!

This was a shock to all, especially for us based in Arusha that one could say, have a better angle on the pulse of all things great and small, nature and the elements I suppose at the end of the day are always unpredictable and we can only speculate and advise according to previous years of watching the movements of this spectacle with each new season.

If your interest has been awakened by the latest National geo wild channel or big cat diary then it’s not too late to catch the action in full swing live and in the hot seat, no remote control needed or channel guide. Many clients have booked a year in advance to witness the annual migration, this is mainly due to the calving happening in Ndutu with very limited space on seasonal tented camps and with only 2 x permanent fixtures, being the long-established Ndutu Safari Lodge and Lake Masek tented Camp that was injected a few years back.

Ndutu area aside, the migration should be heading up through the southern reaches of Serengeti on into the Western corridor for June – this means that from now till then you still have chance to grab an international flight to jump on board and take advantage of one of the low season specials that we have on the B2B site. Or, if these do not tickle your truffle then we are pretty good on creating specialised trips that will fit you like a glove.

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  1. Abigael van Bienen Jul 8, 2012

    Prachtige site, goed nieuws en overzicht. Jammer dat bij de video van de gnoes de muziek zo hard is, dat je bijna het commentaar van de dame (toerist?) niet kunt verstaan.
    Maar……. je moet het zelf gaan zien. Prachtig allemaal, de dieren, natuur, enz.


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