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Perhaps readers of this travel advice blog or other sources have been catching reviews on Tanzania and the Swahili coast which is so often over shadowed by Zanzibar. My article revamp on the Hidden Trail was shouted out to one and all as we feel this part of Tanzania is worthy of repeated updates to make the public aware that Tanzania does not only consist of Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater! Furthermore it is worth mentioning that activities are far greater than game drives and wildlife viewing being the only thing that the Tanzania menu has to offer.

With such a massive land area of 885,800 square km’s don’t be surprised when we keep promoting the hidden treasures that Tanzania holds only to be visited by the few that are in search of something different

“Although there are many safari companies in Arusha, few seemed to go to this part of the country. A travel article mentioned Bush 2 Beach and I contacted them. As a result I had a marvellous week in this part of the country.” (Hman877 – review tripadvisor)

or are open to our suggestions and destinations not promoted in the glossy brochures at your local travel agent. We know why they do not promote such destinations and that is because they do not know about them. It is a safe bet to sell the Serengeti as it is far less trouble and as you all have seen and read about it somewhere along the line why should agents search any further?? Don’t get me wrong they are great destinations and with a little magic from the B2B team can be spliced and included into any custom made Tanzanian Journey.

Usambara mountains

Usambara mountains

Continuing with some facts and figures about Tanzania – did you know, the water ways make up for an area of 61,500 square km!! These locations remain open for your exploration and discovery. Amongst these water areas are Lake Tanganyika the longest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Victoria being the biggest lake in Africa and the 2nd largest in the world. Then there is Lake Nyasa the bordering line between Malawi and Tanzania being up to 700 meters deep in places!! And holding up to 1/3 of the worlds known cichlid species.(Varying species of fish that have developed in order to fit their own specific niches and environment) This is to name some of the more prominent lakes and river systems other than the Selous harboring the mighty Rufiji River. If adventure is in your blood and you want to search far and wide then these unvisited and unnoticed destinations hold great potential for the intrepid adventure seeker.

Livingstone mountainranges

Livingstone mountain ranges

So with adventure in the air and less visited destinations I also want to share with you all, that now due to Coastal Aviation adding Pangani to the growing list of destinations life has become easier or it will do from June 1st 2012 in actually getting to or from the Swahili Coast.  Coastal will be flying daily from many main stream destinations which has opened up many opportunities for us designers of the unknown and less travelled places a breeze further making it affordable for you the traveller as no charter prices come into effect as this is a scheduled daily flight. Below are flight times current for 2012 just to indicate how easy it is to bring varying destinations together without having to drive the 480km’s out of Arusha for a wee paddle in the ocean!!

Tasty nibbles and something different from the ala carte menu to add to your safari basket.

  • Arusha – Mashado ( Pangani) – 13.15 – 15.05 ( If the Bush and the Northern parks were first, we can now get you to the beach with a direct flight – after some days lounging at Tides lodge Pangani – jump on the exciting water taxi to Zanzibar – you just may see a whale!!)  )
  • Dar – Mashado ( Pangani ) 09.15 – 10.35 ( If Arriving to Dar international and are not looking for Zanzibar  or the Northern parks, perhaps short on time– take a Flying safari and some days on the Rufiji River with game/boat drives of Selous or continue further into the jewel of the south being Ruaha N.P, before return to Dar – connecting the following morning to spend lazy days on the deserted Swahili Coast at The Tides Lodge – Pangani)
  • Mashado(Pangani) – Arusha 10.45 – 12.45 ( When you have tanned yourselves sufficiently, had a few nights in Saadani N.P  with some exploration by foot and boat along the banks of the Wami river, this great morning flight out of Pangani arriving for lunch time to Arusha – leaves us still enough time to  whiz you off to the likes of Tarangire N.P or Lake Manyara to enjoy afternoon game drives and melting sunsets.)
  • Mashado(Pangani ) – Zanzibar 15.15 – 15.40 ( Perhaps after creeping along the Usambara’s by 4 x 4 vehicle, taking in Mkomazi N.P – 2- 3 days of exploring/hikes around Mambo View point (Usambara mountains) further walking/birding and just being in the Amani nature reserve. Head 50 km by car to Pangani a night or two at the comforts of The Tides Lodge before hoping on a plane to experience a scenic flight from  the Swahili Coast to anyone of the  Islands –  Zanzibar or if still wanting something different Pemba or Mafia both offering superb scuba diving.

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