Maddy and Jerry – Kili challenge of a life time

Kili crew

A short update for family, friends and followers of a Kili challenge that is now on Day 4.

Day 1: Lemosho route

Day 1: Lemosho route

Due to the trek beginning on the western side of the mountain in heavy forest, communications over the first few days on these lower stages has been a little trying. However we did speak with Paul Silwamba early yesterday morning to learn that the Martindale’s both senior and junior were going well. They had slowed down the pace on the 2nd day staying at an alternative camp to the planned Shira 1 – This is a good thing all round as a slow ascent at the start will help both find their feet and for Jerry allow him to fall into his own step and pace. The lower reaches of Lemosho are extremely pretty, great chances of seeing many black and white colobus monkey with magical views once popping out of the heavy forested areas over the Shira plateau.

The trekking is fairly level from Shira 1 across to Shira 2, so one can afford to take it very easy and soak in the stunning scenery and uncluttered mountain. Lemosho of all the routes gets the least amount of human traffic and is suited for the climber who is not in a hurry and is happy to spend a little more time out there.

We will be able to update you more now phone coverage is stable and keep all posted as to the progress of the Martindale’s as they venture on with each new day. The weather has been favourable since leaving Arusha, they had a great time and enjoyed the services of Simba Farm tucked away from the madding crowds over looking vistas that stretch as far as Amboseli National Park.

Kili panorama

View from near Simba Farm

This comfortable mid range farm stay makes for an ideal accommodation to base yourself if thinking of climbing the Lemosho route of Kilimanjaro. It offers great organic homemade meals – a very warm hospitable family experience, and endless choices of walks. Your stay at Simba farm can either used as a warm up to the Lemosho route trail, or if Kilimanjaro is not appealing to you and you would sooner take in some untouched culture whilst enjoying leisurely day walks around the perimeter of Kilimanjaro National Park then perhaps put a tick next to Simba Farm home stay to ensure that we build it into your next safari experience.

More updates coming shortly…

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