Minus 10 degrees C – a chilly night on Kili

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Fitting into my regular pattern of vibrating phone and morning coffee, happy again to see Paul’s message come singing in giving me the update from the Bivy camp location. Not a huge update to add as the message was pretty short but went like this;

Very cold last night, temps dropping to minus 10 degrees Centigrade ( 14 Fahrenheit)

Kili crew with Bruce and Jason Leader

Kili crew with Bruce and Jason Leader

up early with light breakfast, more steaming cups of Milo before stepping forth with the summit crew making their way back over to the main track and up they go as Jerry pushes for the summit!!!! The day is clear and sunny again so conditions are perfect for a successful summit bid today the 20th June, as 81-year-old Jerry Martindale steps a little further towards filling his lifelong dream of summiting Kilimanjaro.

We have already notified Jerry’s 2nd daughter Emily who has been anxiously following the updates back in Philadelphia and along with her brother Toby are letting Mom know Jerry’s progress via phone calls. Emily has been in touch daily via email almost simultaneously as the sms messages come in from Paul!!. It is now a waiting game of perhaps 5-7 hrs before we hear more from the mountain as Jerry begins to chant his mantra and fall into step with the Kili shuffle onward and upward towards Uhuru peak standing at 5895 metres ( 18,864 feet)

Looking forward to that familiar voice of a slightly out of breath Paul letting me know the good news…will keep all posted as we get the news in, have a great day and lets all send a positive thought or 3 to Jerry to give him that extra boost on his summit bid.

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