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Great sightings and current information is what our travel advice blog is about. One of our incoming clients who is getting married today “ hongera (congratulations) goes out to Karthik and Aparna who will be arriving in country in a little under 2 weeks. Mentioned in his last mail to me; “ Chris can you recommend any good websites that follow the migration??” I thought for a moment and was sure that a long time back that I had suggested that Karthik follow our bush updates as I like to think we are fairly active out there with our travel updates and live information. I then did some searching for other sites that follow the annual migration for Karthik and was surprised to see that specialized sites where fairly out of date with blogs being written in early June!! It takes less than a few days for the migration to disappear in part from a given location.

Whilst writing to Karthik by mail and wanting to give some solid information, I contacted Simon Kimaro (B2B driver) who was out in the Serengeti at that very moment requesting what the latest was?? Within 2 minutes my phoned buzzed with a shortened version as to what I have elaborated my shout out to be below. Karthik got a short message as to what he had wanted as if it was CNN world news live. The below report is 24hrs old only so if you are following the migration movements then this update is a close to me being up there in the western corridor of Serengeti standing on the roof of my car with laptop in hand watching the river crossings of the Grumeti river.

Grumeti river

The Great Migration of wildebeest where the last of the big groups were seen as of 4 days ago where moving from Makoma hills towards the western corridor via and through Nyasirori area – Simon reported some days later that there was great action along the Grumeti river where his clients enjoyed the real deal over 3 days of being based in central Seronera taking in the resident wildlife and big cats as well as venturing off into the western corridor to see thousands of hoofed beasts plunging into the murky crocodile infested waters in a bid to make it across to the other side. Sheer numbers is the only defense that these helpless herbivores have on their side but for sure the Crocs got their fair share of game meat as they ambush and launch a violent attack from a submerged hideouts. Once grabbing their prey with their massive powerful jaws the death roll begins and the prey is either ripped apart or drowned then swallowed bit by bit. The teeth of a crocodile are designed for holding and crushing bones then their mighty bulk and strength make light work of the prey that happen to come within their striking range.

As Bush 2 Beach enter peak season the reports will be coming more regularly as to current events and what has been happening both bush, mountain and beach – for those of you with only weeks to go we hope you enjoy our travel site, please feel free to drop me a message so I understand that I’m reaching you out there, blogs are there as a two-way conversation so please say hi or give us a like on face book if that’s how you may see the bush updates.

Until next time – enjoy the stories of old and new.

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  1. Sriniwas Jul 8, 2014

    Thanks Chris for the latest update.


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