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furtwater galcier

Minus 10 degrees C – a chilly night on Kili

Fitting into my regular pattern of vibrating phone and morning coffee, happy again to see Paul’s message come singing in giving me the update from the Bivy camp location. Not a huge update to add as the message was pretty short but went like this; Very cold last night, temps dropping to minus 10 degrees […]

Kili meru

Onward and upward – Jerry prepares for the summit

Once again before I had finished my first coffee this morning my mobile phone jumped to life and started vibrating at my workstation. At these early hours of the morning this usually means somebody is not coming in to work and are off to the doctors for one thing or another!! This morning however it […]

Barafu Camp – courtesy of Bruce and Jason Leader 2010 kili challenge

Peanuts and Ice (Karanga na Barafu) Jerry goes solo!!

Barafu Camp – courtesy of Bruce and Jason Leader 2010 kili challenge There have been a few developments and happenings from the slopes of Kilimanjaro since my last update, Kili Challenge of a lifetime! The new news is that Maddy after picking up a stomach bug somewhere in Arusha decided as her condition had not […]

Kili crew

Maddy and Jerry – Kili challenge of a life time

A short update for family, friends and followers of a Kili challenge that is now on Day 4. Due to the trek beginning on the western side of the mountain in heavy forest, communications over the first few days on these lower stages has been a little trying. However we did speak with Paul Silwamba […]

Two rhinos

Serengeti – more than we expected!!

Great stories and sightings from Bush2Beach – “Simon Kimaro“ who just returned from a 7 days wildlife safari on the Northern parks that took him right through the Serengeti to visit Lake Victoria, spending a few nights at Speke bay where the clients enjoyed local fishing practises, birding, along with experiencing a little culture of […]

Chris Pilley of Bush2Beach summit of Mera Peak 2006 – Nepal

A lifetime dream about to become reality – Father and daughter take the kili challenge!!

A short introduction is all that’s needed I feel to capture the reader’s attention to this up and coming adventure tale. This bush update will be a little different to others as I will try to keep it as live as possible as we follow Wallace (Jerry) Martindale and his daughter Madeleine (Maddy). They commence […]