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Tanzania - Undiscovered

Did you know ??

Perhaps readers of this travel advice blog or other sources have been catching reviews on Tanzania and the Swahili coast which is so often over shadowed by Zanzibar. My article revamp on the Hidden Trail was shouted out to one and all as we feel this part of Tanzania is worthy of repeated updates to make the […]

The slow pace of Safari and the magic moments thereafter...

The slow pace of Safari and the magic moments thereafter…

Green season in Tanzania is commonly known as “Low Season” this should not be translated to a bad season or a period not to plan a wildlife safari through the Northern safari circuit as it can hold many highlights without it being all go, go, go in order to tick off the next species on […]


For those who wait the rewards are endless – ‘low season’ A special time in the bush

This season has brought unforeseen events mainly due to unpredictable weather conditions from late last year.


Gift a light

Bush2Beach and The African Roots Foundation (ARF) where happy to organise and host a group of 17 participants from Partners for World Health, who started their quest in Mwanza. They were loaded to the max with medical supplies which were destined to be taken out to the Biharamulo located in the Kagera region of Tanzania.


Retreading the footsteps of the Hidden Trail

It’s December, for most a time to plan for that Xmas get-away to white sandy beaches, melting sunsets and swaying palms, thus escaping the grips of winter. For us in the safari profession we have been planning over the course of the year to ensure that all goes to plan for your arrivals and departures […]


Mafia Island – A hidden bounty

“the hidden bounty for the intrepid adventure seekers” The winds of change have brought in what appears to be long-awaited short rains!! All Homo sapiens, hoofed wildebeest and cattle alike must be happy to this change of weather one can only presume? It was certainly needed in every department, and proved an added bonus to […]