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Hot Porridge and Pancakes…Day 2

The bed coffee/tea!! was delivered at 06.30 as a cunning plan by Paul Silwamba head guide to kick us into life, it sort of worked and we peeled out of of mummy shaped sleeping bags to meet at the breakfast table to swap stories about how bad each of us slept!! the Germans (nothing against […]

In the Shadows of Meru

Apologies to all Twin Peak followers, family members and friends for this lapse in current  updates..our server in the good old US of A had been having technical problems and only as of now 25th got it sorted!! oh how i love technical stuff (not) so although the updates are a little older than planed, […]

Day one of the challenge

After a pleasant evening spent at Maji Moto the intrepid trio were coaxed out before all got cosy to see what noctural walkers and stalkers were out there. At an early stage Clare mistakenly believed she could walk on water and although she was being guided and held by her two trusty team members they […]

The Challenge has begun…

Live from a Stormy Arusha !! 2 x team members are now relaxing out at the crystal springs of Maji Moto, preying they are not having the storm that just passed through here, Maji Moto is around 60km’s outside of Arusha, Twin Peaks base camp for the coming weeks, not a bad spot to set […]

‘The Chills of Europe’ and the comforts of home..

A new years eve of a difference for both Ingrid, myself and little Mwene Ingrid’s son as we flew from Nairobi heading for a month long marketing tour of Holland for ‘Vakantiebeurs’, Madrid with ‘Fitur’ and finally Uk for ‘Adventure Travel live’. We would firstly like to say how absolutely freezing it was as we […]

On-line donations for the TPC2010

Thanks to the assistance of Stewart and his ‘Asante Sana Foundation’, the Twin Peak Challenge 2010 is now able to accept on-line donations for the upcoming fund-raising climbs. All your donations, small and large, are very welcome; when Stewart arrives in country he’ll bring all received funds with him; 100% of your donations will benefit […]