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Success in the eye for those who step forth and try

Introducing the Twin Peak Challengers

Kicking off the new year, we’re very happy with the first challengers for the TPC 2010, each one raising funds for the people of Esilalei. Read below on the people making up the team, and then, maybe, join the challenge yourself!

Roads 2 Rivers – the short rains continue….

Roads 2 River November into December and the heavens continue to open, 30 minutes of down pour turn the roads into rivers, as the dela dela’s carve fresh tracks leaving a wake to follow. The bush is loving the phenomena of the continuation of the short rains and 10 mins out of Arusha you are […]

Twin Peak Questions – Answered

From an overcast Arusha, this is just a short update as to the success and response from the “Twin Peak  Shout out” of yesterday – it does seem that our Twin Peak update of a few weeks ago went to cyberspace and missed its targeted audience.  However from the B2B Twin Peaks team we happy […]

Twin Peak Challenge

Twin Peak Shout Out !!

Hi to one and all, after our initial mail shout for the coming – ‘Twin Peak Challenge – February 2010’ – Climb for Water campaign we are wondering actually who received this mail as the response was somewhat low. We had been getting positive feed back and interest with varying request for dates and how […]